MEA. Meridian-Energy-Work

I will help you with your emotional self-help. MEA / EFT (German: Meridian-Energie-Arbeit / Emotional Freedom Techniques) has its roots in Chinese Medicine. Besides cognitive and verbal aspects it also includes intuition and the “wisdom of the body” to relieve energy blockages.

Put simply, MEA is an efficient relaxation method. It can help you achieve fast and lasting benefits in coping with stressors such as fears and phobias, obsessive compulsive disorders, over work and psycho-somatic symptoms. You can learn MEA as a self-help method. However, when symptoms have become severe, professional support and guidance are necessary.

Perhaps you have come across “tapping therapy” such as Emotional-Freedom-Technique (EFT) or some other method of energy psychology mentioned in the media. Tapping therapy means that “tapping-acupressure” is used on the body level. This approach interests the media, because it can cause dramatic changes in a short time, often even after one session.

I have developed MEA out of EFT by combining tapping therapy with systemic counseling. MEA is the approach that I uniquely use in teaching and in practice.

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MEA. Meridian-Energie-Arbeit. Kerstin Horngacher, Dipl.-Psychologin


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