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Lentas is a coastal village on the South Coast of Crete. More than 2000 years ago, ancient Greeks built a temple to Asklepios atop a spring in the middle of the bay. People coming to this temple could find healing through their dreams while sleeping. Later it became a Roman sanitarium. Today you will find the small village of Lentas below that spot. Lentas is not on the standard tourist map, and serious tourists consider it an “insider tip.”
I first traveled to Lentas in 1998 as a tourist. There I met Jiannis, who became my husband. Together we have built a future in our two countries. I am happy to work in Lentas as often as possible.
In addition to standard services (Groups/Education), I can work with you to arrange individual sessions. It would be my pleasure to develop a plan that meets your needs and expectations.

Please contact me (by email or telephone) in advance in Germany or on short notive in Lentas. If you write me an email and use "Praxis" or "Lentas" as a subject, you will reach me for sure. In case you prefer to talk on the phone, please let me know, so we can arrange that.

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