Systemic Counseling, Coaching, Supervision

Are you looking for support for some steps on your private or professional path? You might come to me as a single person, with your significant other, one or more members of your family, your team or another group: Your social bonds influence the situation for which you come to see me. As a Systemic Therapist, I make use of your perception of your environment and situation in our search for a helpful outcome. 
There are several ways to frame our collaboration in a private or professional context:
Coaching, Counseling, Therapy: Do you know your goal and want support in how to successfully achieve it (Coaching)? Or do you need orientation on where you are standing, what you need, and where to shoot for (Counseling)? If you think in advance that you might need more than 10-15 sessions to resolve your problem, you might be looking for therapy. I recommend in that case that you consult a therapist who is paid by your insurance company – unless you definitely want to see me.

Supervision, Team Development, Healthcare: Development within organizations is closely connected to the people who are responsible and in charge. Professional ability requires basic social and communication skills that promote successful cooperation. Many employers allow employees to have frequent sessions with an independent expert for process-management in order to prevent problems, facilitate solutions in case of conflict and to support development and resources. In the social field this is called “supervision”, in the economic field “team-development” or “organizational development.”
You also can book in-house training or consulting as steps for internal health care.

Maybe you are looking for support in self-help? - I recommend MEA...

To determine whether the cooperation between you and me fits your needs, please contact me.





Systemische Beratung, Coaching, Supervision. Kerstin Horngacher, Dipl.-Psychologin


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