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MEA for Self-help
Four 1.5 sessions on how to use MEA/EFT to address your own fears or phobia, stress, burnout – or simply as an easy way to “relax without long-term prior practice”.
I. Background and techniques for the “tapping”practice
II. Support on how to use MEA for your particular needs
III. Guidance for transferring MEA to everyday life
Individual appointments for groups of 4 to 8 people. Cost: 100 € p.P.

MEA In-house
I. Are you looking for MEA-Training in your professional area?
II. Are you, for example, running a business and planning grant health benefits to your employees?
III. Are you working in the health field and wanting to use MEA with your own clients? (minimum interested party of 4)
Ask me for an offer at your location.

MEA/EFT for Colleagues
As a therapist or counselor you may find these additional techniques helpful for your professional work.
Training includes:
I. Basics: MEA / EFT in theory and practice.
II. “In case it does not work…” Working with resistance and limits.
III. MEA-practice in special contexts.
The training group will meet monthly for 9 sessions, spending 2 to 3 hours per session. In addition, you will meet separately with your fellow students, and you can call the tutor between sessions for advice. pdf (Flyer in German - please call me for further information.)

MEA for Teachers and Schools
MEA for selfcare and for your professional work with clients.
I. Lower your stress-level and improve selfcare-skills by MEA
II. Reduce your students’ examination anxiety
III. We include MEA to systemic case-supervisions
(New group possible if you have a minimum interested party of 4)

In Lentas / Crete:

Training Course for Councelors and Therapists
If you are a group of 4 colleagues or more, I will be able to offer you a workshop (3-5 days). You will experience MEA as a selfcare method and learn how to use it for your professional work with clients. Please do not hesitate to contact me for further information: (subject: "Lentas Professionals")

Article on Asklepios and psychotherapy (sorry, only in German):

"More than Vacations" as Single- or Group Offer
"for all from 30 ys. & up"

30.5.-4.6.2020 in Lentas
Topic: "Breathe and Relax" pdf (Flyer)
On that special event the language will be German only. (And also the flyer is in German only. Sorry for that.) You are welcome to come with your family or friends in a group of 4 or more and I will offer the whole seminary in English. Or come for individual coaching (alone or as a couple). Just contact me to arrange an appointment. If you book more than 6 months ahead, you will save 30 Euro pp.

More offers in Lentas:

Completely relaxed
Supporting relaxation by MEA. pdf (Flyer in German and English)
What is MEA? see "MEA/EFT"

"More than Vacations" – (Self-) Acceptance and Delight 
Self-acceptance is the essence of inner change? That may sound paradox, but it is indeed one of our most effective motors for forming our selves. With an open mind for your resources as well as your limits and weaknesses, you may find peace to enjoy the delightful “Here and Now” with MEA and more. pdf (The Flyer is in German – just contact me.)

"More than Vacations" - Letting It Go and Making Peace
Sometimes we want to let go, sometimes we need to let go. Do you allow yourself to find inner peace? This topic may encourage you to come all by yourself for individual coaching. The flyer pdf is only in German. You may contact me for further information.

“More than Vacations” – Places of Power Inside and Outside Yourself
This is a travel seminary. You are invited to discover yourself anew at various places in and around Lentas. You will be guided through relaxation- and self-experience exercises. Please contact me for checking your level of fitness for your individual journey. pdf (Flyer - German)

"More than Vacations" - Loving Mindfulness
Mindfulness is an accepted technique for stress reduction in modern psychology. We combine it with MEA to facilitate coping with disturbing emotions. This seminar was introduced in 2014. It can be held in English. Please contact me for information. pdf (Flyer in German only, sorry.)

"More than Vacations" - Relationship and Creativity
A good relationship with yourself is the basis of any relationship. This creative workshop was introduced in 2013 and can be held in English. The flyer pdf is written in German. Please contact me for information in English.

"More than Vacations" - Synchronicity
C.G. Jung once referred to this phenomenon of coincidences. The seminar on synchronicity was introduced in 2012 and could be easily repeated on request.
(Sorry, the announcement is only written in German. Please contact me for information.) pdf (Flyer)

Do more than vacations with your children: Maybe parents want to relax for some hours without their children, want to get family counseling, counseling as a couple and/or they want their children to be entertained in Lentas. We will create an offer for you. See an example for Greek elementary-school-children who were learning German in 2013. pdf (Flyer in English)

Are you traveling alone, as a couple, as a family or in an interested party of at least 4 people? Contact me for creating a special relaxation setting, seminar or supervision offer on other dates in Lentas.






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